breakfast LA style...

*featurette: lauren cerré of los angeles 
lauren, a producer for current tv, allows us a peek into her los feliz kitchen on a lazy saturday morning for a breakfast gathering. 

(fotos compliments of sister lee cerré,fellow blogger) 
lauren served LA's breakie enchiladas & a plum galette made by sister lee and her mother using yellow plums from their garden in san francisco 

scramble eggs in a pan. add some salsa verde &
cook on low. dip tortilla in the salsa & let soak
for 1 min. fill tortillas with eggs & shredded
 jack cheese. roll & place in baking dish. cover
 with salsa verde so its soaking in an inch of
the salsa. bake till warm & broil for the last
minute to get the cheese crisp. for sides add
pico de gallo, sour cream & green onions. 



bachelorette brunch...

for my big sister's bachelorette weekend, we rented a house in ojai valley and kicked off the weekend with a lovely brunch on the outside terrace...

sprinkle generic paper confetti on any table to create a fun, girly ambiance

bachelorette sophie esser of the napa valley made the ace 
hotel's ricotta hotcakes with orange syrup.
morning punch:
oj, vodka, seltzer, lemon,
lime, strawberries,blueberries
and finely chopped fresh mint


another birthday garden luncheon...

sangria served in a silver punch bowl
is perfect for a day-time fest.
whip out the old silver or head to
the flea market and pick some up. 
the chandelier is made of
christmas ornaments & mesh
ribbon hung on the old
skeleton of a run-down chandelier.

colorful silly cupcakes with plastic figurines.

 here i served candied ginger and colorful chocolates with fresh fruit.

the point of the chandelier was to create an 'indoor' space outside. for this luncheon, i served tri-colored bell peppers stuffed with lemon & asparagus risotto , a garden salad and roasted chicken skewers.


garden parties...

a garden luncheon is an easy way to make a birthday party more festive. in honor of my birthday, i dragged tables and chairs out on to the lawn but the main focus of the setting was what i hung over head...

i strung together guatemalan ribbons through a wreath which hung overhead...

the ribbons were pinned into the lawn to create an enclosed, 'tent-like' feeling

and rice-paper lanterns strung on the clothes-line to create ambiance.