bride to be- bachelorette sash

*featurette- christina marie karr of kenilworth

in a successful attempt to avoid the cliche store bought "bachelorette" sash, christina crafted one of her own using leather scraps, silk fabrics braided together & a sharpie.

christina's gorgeous sewing machine


baby shower in napa...

*featurette: alex caratachea & amy baxter watson of the napa valley
for my sister's baby shower, her two friends co-hosted a baby blessing and shower in amy's back yard.

midwife friend brooke casey led a blessing for the baby in which we formed a circle with a ribbon draped around each person's wrist. we went around the circle and stated who we were, who our parents were, what qualities in the baby's parents would promote a happy baby and what we were willing to give to the baby (i.e. baby sitting, music lessons, shopping spree's, etc... at the end we each tied a piece of the ribbon around our wrist and vowed to wear it or keep it in a safe place until the baby was born. 

baby clothes hanging on a clothes line...
alex stuffed wheat grass into birch bark
'vases' & made paper baby clothes which
 by printing templates he found online

center pieces are wheat grass
stuffed into small silver vases
home-made invites using gold
dust/stamp set from papyrus.
ice cream served in 'tea light' candle holders and topped with fresh figs & edible flowers