to honor an engagement with soup...

  our friends' recent engagement was the perfect excuse to make a soup i had been eager to try out. in their honor, I served italian wedding soup & upon presentation of the soup to the guests, glasses were raised and a toast was made to the happy couple. this is my new favorite soup to make. i use ina gardener's recipe which is rather simple and exquisite. i also add more spinach and veggies than it calls for. why not? serve this with hot bread fresh out of the oven.

*ESSENTIAL: something every hostess should have is a tureen. the presentation of a soup in a terrine is somewhat regal and i wouldn't serve it any other way. i got my lion-head tureen at sur la table.
here's a shot of the meatballs fresh out of the oven. chris usually makes the meat balls and throws them in the oven while i prepare the rest of the soup. 
one guest that night, my friend christina karr, brought a baguette wrapped in brown paper and string. such a simple yet sweet presentation of a baguette.