a simple christmas eve dinner

boiled lobster tails, prawns served in oyster shells & homemade meyer lemon mayonnaise*

*mayonnaise: beat together 1 egg yolk, salt, pepper & 1/2 teaspoon dijon. add 1 teaspoons meyer lemon juice. while still beating add 3/4 cup sunflower oil one drop at a time. do not rush the last step or mayonnaise will 'break'.

featurette: barbara esser, napa valley


cobble hill holiday fete

antlers hung with care
kete cognac spiked eggnog, clove oranges* & chilled brandy beans
*how to: clove oranges. poke small holes into orange. use carving fork. space holes evenly. stick whole cloves into the holes. create any patter you like.


happy holidays from our new home in brooklyn!

a tree of our own decorated with polaroid fotos & homemade ornaments*
*how to: tissue paper ornaments. get styrofoam balls. get elmers. get colored tissue paper, glitter, push pins, sequence. cover balls in elmers with paint brush. cover in small ripped pieces of tissue paper. paint the glue on top of the tissue paper. add glitter when glue is still wet. insert pushpins into the ball through the holes in the sequences to hold them in place.