lauren and keith's engagement fiesta...

*featurette- nicole carijacob soboroff of los angeles
in the garden of their LA home, nic & jake hosted an engagement party in honor of their close friends', lauren & keith malloy.
              (fotos courtesy of lauren ross, photographer.)
"we wanted to create a little country in the city, because lauren + keith live at hollister ranch & a lot of their friends traveled down for the party."  -- nicole
self serve bar
with all the fixins
taco spread
nicole hired a taco lady to cater
the event. a perfect solution so the
hosts dont spend all nite in the kitchen.

 hand stamped cards attached to old milk jugs to designate different liquors at the bar
the future mr & mrs malloy

 use simple stamps to create a personal touch.
nicole used string and mini clothes pins to
make the welcome banner.


apple season...

my mother sent me this poem today. she has an old apple orchard in her garden and while we never manage to eat even a fraction of the apples, she uses the fruit and branches to decorate her september tables. with apple season just around the corner, start brainstorming table decorations you can make using apples or their branches.

fruit wreaths can be held together with
thin wire & toothpicks or take a very
thick needle and 'sew' them together
using thick string and wrap them
around until they form a wreath.
pile apples in a basket
of any kind: an old wooden
box or even just a bowl