breakfast LA style...

*featurette: lauren cerré of los angeles 
lauren, a producer for current tv, allows us a peek into her los feliz kitchen on a lazy saturday morning for a breakfast gathering. 

(fotos compliments of sister lee cerré,fellow blogger) 
lauren served LA's breakie enchiladas & a plum galette made by sister lee and her mother using yellow plums from their garden in san francisco 

scramble eggs in a pan. add some salsa verde &
cook on low. dip tortilla in the salsa & let soak
for 1 min. fill tortillas with eggs & shredded
 jack cheese. roll & place in baking dish. cover
 with salsa verde so its soaking in an inch of
the salsa. bake till warm & broil for the last
minute to get the cheese crisp. for sides add
pico de gallo, sour cream & green onions.